Bare Ass Spanking


It is always so much fun to spank the ass of your wife or girlfriend. It gives so much excitement and shows the dominance that the person spanking has got on the partner. Spanking has become so popular that there are many sites and videos completely made for spanking viz. for people who love spanking and wish to watch anyone and everyone spanked.


Spanking is also a part of BDSM and is done brutally too making the receiver cry in pain. There are different types of spanking such as spanking with panties on, bare ass spanking, spanking with hands, spanking with a whip, spanking using a cane etc. and there are so many videos made where a guy spanks a girl or a girl spanks a guy or either of them spank the same sex and these videos are very popular among ass lovers.


It also shows the manly attitude or the will to dominance and is even liked by women as it shows the girl who daddy is when it comes to sex. In case of an ordinary sexual encounter spanking can make the whole scene hot that anybody watching it reaches climax or wants to watch the scene again hearing the girl moan.


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