The Story of Corporal Spanking

If you want to discipline your wife the best to do it wherein you can get some pleasure out of it is imposing discipline by way of spanking your wife until her bare buttocks turn red. For those who want a more erotic way of disciplining is to tie your wife in a bondage form and do all the spanking on her bare bottom until it turns red. For others who are very creative to discipline wife by spanking her experiments on various positions like making her bend over her knee with her naked buttocks and her face on the bare thighs of the one doing the spanking, and as the buttocks is slapped hard with either a bare hand or a spanking tool, the wife's face will start to rub the husbands crotch on every strike and this can prove to be very exciting for both.

If you are looking for more wife spanking stories, the internet can be  your best source since it offers  a myriad collection of videos and stories about discipline and wife spanking which can help you get some creative ideas on how to implement a good and erotic wife spanking if you know where to look at which is fairly easy.

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