Gay Ass Spanking


Sex has so many forms and the satisfaction of an ass spanking marvelous and especially if it is GAY ASS SPANKING. It generally involves two male partners, one is slightly older than the other and he penetrates the other in dog style. There are cases where the partners could be friends, twin brothers etc.


The prerequisites of a gay ass sex are clean shaven butts, clean anal duct and perfect co-ordination between the partners. There are some fetish people who like riding a hairy ass too. It might sound weird or some may say "Hairy! Yuck", but sex is all about achieving orgasm and it doesn't matter what interests one. It can be as filthy as possible and anything and everything is fair in sex when there is understanding between the partners.


There are many forms of Gay ass spanking too. The widely followed one is the master and slave concept where one acts as a master and other as the slave and the master enjoys the dick ride and the slave takes pleasure from these spankings. Both are benefited here. There are many internet sites can give you valuable information about gay ass sex and one can learn plenty from them.


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